Where do I go to send payments on Apartments.com?

If you received an email that your Cozy account was moved to Apartments.com, here's how you can manage your payments going forward.

1) Claim your Apartments.com account. 

You can use the link in the email you got, or go here: https://www.apartments.com/welcome-from-cozy/

Make sure you use the same email on your Cozy account! 

2) Go to Payments on Apartments.com

Go to your Payments page under My Home. Here's the direct link. https://www.apartments.com/my-account/#RenterPayments

Tip: You can bookmark this page or save it to your phone's home screen for easier access! 

What was moved to Apartments.com? 

If you scheduled payments on Cozy, those were brought over to Apartments.com. 

We also bring over your payment method, so you won't need to add your bank account again. 

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