What's happening to my info in Cozy?

Cozy is moving to Apartments.com. Most Cozy accounts have been moved to Apartments.com.

I was moved to Apartments.com, but some info wasn't moved. 

If your account has moved to Apartments.com, we've moved payment info and expense data. But some data hasn't moved to Apartments.com:

  • Renter applications
  • Screening reports
  • Maintenance issues
  • Shared documents
  • Property listing descriptions

The information above that wasn't moved will remain in your Cozy account until July 27. We recommend making sure you have what you need from your Cozy account before then. 

I want a record of my payment and expense data. How do I do that?

If you've collected rent or tracked expenses in Cozy, export your data by following these steps.

I want my user data from Cozy. How do I get that? 

You have access to and can download the information Cozy stored user data anytime from your account. Learn more here

How do I delete my Cozy account? 

You can also close your account from that same page to remove your information from our site from the account settings here: https://home.cozy.co/app/#!/preferences/account

Screen-Shot-2020-10-24-at-2-23-50-PM.png1. Select the 'Account' tab where you can see the download and close account links
2. Click 'Close Account' on the bottom

If you have payments through Cozy, we also recommend downloading your payment history before closing your account. 

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