I manage a mix of commercial and residential properties. Can I move to Apartments.com?

If you've received an email that Cozy is ending on July 28, it means that your account included a 'Commercial' property type. Unfortunately, we're not able to move accounts to Apartments.com with commercial properties.

At this time, we've moved all eligible accounts to Apartments.com. Over the past few months, we’ve been trying our best to schedule account migrations for our customers. In some cases, we weren’t able to automate this process and it's possible you had some blockers in your Cozy account that prevented you from being moved over to Apartments.com.

If you manage residential rentals, you can set up your properties on Apartments.com for free. Apartments.com's payments were built on Cozy's foundation and have a lot of the same features.

Get started on Apartments.com

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