How will my payment appear on my bank account?

We've come together with and payments will now appear as 'APTS' or `' and not 'COZY'. Nothing significant has changed and your payments are processing as normal– just the name may be a bit different than what you're used to!

For renters:

Once Cozy begins processing your payment, it'll appear on your bank statement as 'APTS'. You may notice that your rent payment isn't being debited from 'COZY' as it has been in previous months but now is being debited by 'APTS'.

For landlords:

Once Cozy starts posting your renter's payment to your bank account, the pending transaction will appear from 'APTS' followed by the renter's last name (up to 9 letters) along with a 14 character alpha-numeric description starting with "ST-".

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