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When will Cozy's transition to take place? What will change?

For Cozy customers, we’ll be automatically transitioning rentals by mid-2021 to We'll give you plenty of advanced notice when that will happen and be with you every step of the way.

In the meanwhile, you can continue to use all of our services, including collecting rent payments, uninterrupted until your rentals are ready to transition to 

Landlord and renter accounts will still look and function the same on until you and your renter's accounts have been transitioned to  

We're working on a touchless transition for our customers which means your current payments will transfer automatically to You and your renter won't have to do anything manually on your end. 

I have a Cozy account– do I need to do anything right now?

All you need to do is hang tight! Continue doing what you do on Cozy whether that be screening applicants or collecting rent payments. All our features, except Rent Estimates, are there for you to use until your account is ready to transition to

Is right for me? I don’t use Cozy for apartments.

Even if you don’t own or manage an apartment, can still be used for homes, condos, and townhomes. 

Is free like Cozy? 

For landlords, it’s free to:

  • List your rental
  • Accept applications and screening reports from applicants
  • Create and sign online leases
  • Collect rent payments 

Renters only pay $24.99 for a complete TransUnion screening reports package that are re-usable for up to 30 days. ACH payments are free and renters incur a 2.75% transaction fee if they use a debit or credit card– just like on Cozy.

Why can’t I sign up as a landlord with Cozy? I need to screen applicants or collect payments.

We’re encouraging new landlords to check out what we’ve built and create an account on the #1 site for renters. You can do what you’d do on Cozy like collecting payments, screening applicants, and more! Here’s the link to get started.

What’s the difference between and Cozy?

Cozy and have come together to bring landlords the next generation of FREE online rental management tools:

  • Fast payments built on Cozy’s foundation
  • Rental listings that get placed on five leading websites in the network (more leads with view counts!)
  • Applications that help landlords adhere to Fair Housing best practices, and include credit, criminal, and eviction reports from TransUnion™
  • Legal leases that are compliant with local laws, with e-signing (NEW)

Learn more here.

Can I syndicate my listing to

All of Cozy’s listings will still only syndicate to our partners at and–sorry about that. Once we’ve transitioned your Cozy rentals to, your listings will be available to the millions of renters searching for their next home each day.

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