Adapting to life during COVID-19

The Coronavirus public health threat is changing many of our daily routines. At Cozy, our team is continuing our work (now remotely from home) to give you peace of mind with your rentals. There won't be any interruptions to our services, and our support team is working their normal hours. 

We know you have questions and concerns during this time, and we're here to help. 

For Renters For Landlords

I accidentally sent a payment. Can I stop it?

How do I apply a credit to my rent?  

Why didn't my credit get applied?

How do I turn off my scheduled payments?

How do I skip a payment or pay late?

Why are you charging me a late fee?

How are other landlords handling rent during this time?

How do I reduce rent in Cozy?

How do I set up a payment plan in Cozy?

How do I delete or turn off automatic late fees?

For Landlords

How are other landlords handling rent during this time?

Many landlords are recognizing that their renters may be experiencing financial burdens, and are easing some of their lease terms temporarily. We encourage you to reach out to your renters directly if you're willing to help them through these uncertain times.

Here are some ways in Cozy you can add flexibility for your renters: 

I'm reducing rent during this time. How do I do that in Cozy?

The easiest way to do this in Cozy is by adding a credit. Your renters can then adjust the amount they pay to use their credit. Here's a guide for renters about how to apply their credit.

How do I delete a late fee that was incorrectly applied? How do I turn off automatic late fees? 

If your renter was accidentally charged a late fee, you can delete that late fee from that unit's Payment page (here are the steps). Just to note, Cozy will never automatically charge your tenant, so even if a late fee has already been applied your renter won't be charged. 

You'll also want to turn off automatic late fees going forward, so a late fee won't be incorrectly applied next month. 

I'm letting my renter pay on a payment plan. How do I set that up?

There are a couple of ways to do this in Cozy depending on what you and your renter have decided on: 

  • If your tenant will be paying back the overdue balance at a later time, just make sure you turn off automatic late fees. This will make sure your renter doesn't accrue any late fees, and you'll both see the remaining balance due on the ledger. Just a note, both you and your renter will still get notifications that rent is due, so it might be a good idea to talk to your renter and let them know that they can disregard those email notifications for now. 
  • If you don't expect your renter to repay the full rent amount, give your renter a credit toward their rent. This will balance out the ledger. 

Tip: If you're not sure on how to check to see if your renter sent a payment this month, this helpful guide will explain your Payments page!

For Renters

I accidentally sent a payment. Can I stop it?

Unfortunately, we're not able to stop a payment once it's started processing. You may be able to contact your bank to stop the payment, and can learn more about this option here

How do I apply a credit to my rent? 

If your landlord has added a credit to your balance, you'll want to adjust your payments and apply the credit:

  1. If you've set up automatic payments, skip your Auto Pay rent payments for however many months you need to pay a different rent amount. You can find steps to skip a payment in this FAQ.
  2. Schedule a one-time payment for an adjusted amount. This allows you to pay less for your next payment in order to account for the credit your landlord has given you. You can find steps for sending one-time payments here.

My landlord gave me a credit for rent. Why didn't it get applied?

When a landlord adds a credit, it doesn't automatically adjust your pre-scheduled payment. Since tenants are in control of the payments they schedule and send, you'll need to edit your scheduled payment amount to apply the credit. Learn more about applying credits to your next payment. 

How do I turn off my scheduled payments?

You can turn off your automatic monthly payments from your Payments page. Learn more about turning off automatic payments

My landlord is letting me skip my rent payment or pay late this month. How do I do that?

If you've set up automatic monthly payments, you can adjust your auto payment to send on a later date from your Payments page. 

Why are you charging me a late fee?

If your landlord said they'd waive their late fees but you still got a late fee in Cozy, it's possible that your landlord forgot to update the automatic late fee setup. Ask your landlord to edit their late fee setup ( here's a guide you can send them). If a late fee was added incorrectly, your landlord can delete the late fee bill on their end. 

Once they delete the late fee bill, the balance will adjust to the correct rent amount due.

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