Why is my renter sending this payment amount?

On Cozy, renters have the flexibility to schedule payments in whichever amount they'd like.

Here's a few scenarios which may explain why your renter may be sending a different amount than what you expected:

They're sending a partial payment– I can't accept this.

Unfortunately, once a renter's payment is in-progress, there's nothing Cozy can do to stop it on our end.

While we don't offer the option to reject payments, if you do see that a renter has scheduled an upcoming payment for the wrong amount and you don't want that payment to process, you can end payments from them in Cozy

Once you've ended the rent collection, it disables your renter's ability to send any future payments to you.

I changed the rent amount but they're still sending the old amount.

Why didn't their payments automatically change?

When you update the rent amount in Cozy, that changes what's due from your renter and they'll need to adjust their Auto Pay setup in order to match the new rate.

Since they control their payments, we can't automatically increase or decrease their payment amount when the rent bill changes. To continue making automatic payments but at the new rate, your renters will need to login and change their Auto Pay.

If they're behind in their rent payments, your renters can schedule a one-time payment for the difference in rent that they've missed. 

I added a credit but the tenant is still sending too much.

When you add a credit to your ledger in Cozy, this doesn't automatically adjust any of your renter's pre-scheduled payments. 

To apply a credit, your renters will need to adjust their upcoming payments to account for the credit that you added.

If you'd like to refund or reimburse your renter for an overpayment, you'll need to handle that outside of Cozy.

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