How do I prorate rent in Cozy?

If you need help requesting prorated rent through Cozy, you're in the right place! 

If you want to collect prorated rent before your renters move in: 

During the rent collection setup, you'll see an option to collect Prorated Rent. From here, enter the prorated amount and the Due Date. 

Prorated rent option where a landlord can collect prorate rent by moving the toggle from off to on and entering the amount and due date.

Tip: The automatic Prorated Rent option is only available for the first month's rent.

If your renters are moving out and you want to prorate the last month's rent

You can edit the last month's rent bill to adjust the amount due. Here's how:

  • Go to the Transactions tab of the rent collection.
  • When the last month's bill appears in the "In-Progress and Upcoming" section, click on the bill to expand it and then click the "Edit" button. 
  • Type in the prorated amount under "Monthly rent amount" and double-check the "Next recurring rent due" date.
  • Click Continue to save and update.
Your renter will receive an email notification about this change and will need to edit any of their scheduled payments to reflect the new rent amount. 

Note: Bills and payments aren't connected in Cozy, so if you change the next bill amount, your renter will still need to login to edit their scheduled payment amount, as it won't adjust automatically.

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