I’ve changed my email address. How do I log in to my account?

If you no longer have access to the email address linked to your Cozy account, the best thing to do is contact our support team. Our team can change the email address on your account to your new email address. We’re here to help and will get back to you within 24 hours.

When you write in, please let us know that you’d like us to change your email address, and include your current email address as well as the one you’d like to change it to.

In addition, we’ll need to verify your identity in order to make changes to your account, so give us as many of the details below as possible:

  1. The last four digits of the bank account linked to your Cozy account
  2. The address of the property or properties you rent or own
  3. The name(s) of your landlord or tenants
  4. The names of your roommates, if any
  5. The amount you pay or charge for rent

Once we’ve verified that the account is yours, we’ll change your email address and let you know when we’ve done so.

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