I'm having trouble signing in with 2-step verification. What do I do?

Cozy uses a 2-step verification process to secure your account. Here are some common reasons why you might be having trouble signing in, and what you can do: 

Where is my code?

If you're sending a code to email: 

  • 2-step code verification codes are sent to the email you use to log into Cozy. Make sure you have access to that email account. 
  • Is the email in your Spam or Junk folder?  Check those folders: if the email is there you can move it to your Inbox so you will receive future emails from Cozy. It’s also possible that your email account could be blocking our servers. In this case, you will want to whitelist or approve Cozy as a safe-sender in your email account. 
Tip: Try requesting the code only once. Requesting multiple codes at one time can cause your email server to delay sending our emails to your inbox.

Where do I enter the code?

After you enter your password to sign into Cozy, you'll be asked for your one-time verification code. Stay on this page! When you receive your verification code, enter it in that box and click Continue to access your Cozy account.

My code isn't working

Email verification codes expire after 5 minutes and authenticator app codes expire after 30 seconds: make sure to use the most recent code you receive. 

Not receiving the email verification code in time? You can get your code sent to your phone or through an authentication app, which tend to be faster than email. 

Get your code faster by phone or authentication app

Is the email verification code too slow for you?  You can change how you get your code for next time. Here's how: 

  • Go to your Settings, under your account name. 
  • Choose the Security tab.
  • Click Change your verification method.
  • Choose how you want your code. 

Note: After you choose a 2-step verification method, you will need to successfully log in before you're able to change how you get your verification code. If you can't log in at all, contact our support team for help. 

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