What if I didn't get the payment invite from my landlord?

(For Renters)

With Cozy, your landlord can invite you to pay rent online. You should get an email from Cozy with the subject "Your landlord has invited you to pay rent with Cozy." 

But if you can't find that email, here are troubleshooting tips to help: 

1. Check your spam/junk folder

Depending on your inbox settings, your Cozy invite may have ended up in your junk or spam folder.

2. Check if your landlord has your correct email address 

Your landlord might have typo'd your email. Ask them to verify the email they used to add you to Cozy. (They can check by going to their Payments page, under your unit's Tenants tab.) If they got your email wrong, they'll need to Edit Tenants to add you again with your correct email. 

3. Create a Cozy renter account with the email your landlord used to invite you. Your payment invite will be there waiting! 

If your landlord checked and they had your email correct, all you'll need to do is create a Cozy renter account with that exact email. We'll see that you were invited to pay and will have your invite waiting. 

Tip: Invited to share your screening reports through Cozy and can't find the invite email? Try these same troubleshooting steps.

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