I'm locked out and can't verify my identity with Experian. What should I do?

Identity verification is required to both run and receive screening reports through Cozy. This ensures a renter's sensitive information is being viewed by a verified individual  and to make sure that renters are running reports linked to their own identity. 

Cozy partners with Experian, one of the major credit reporting agencies in the United States. To verify your identity, you'll enter your legal name, address, SSN, and answer a few questions related to your credit file. 

Having trouble with the questions? 

The security questions are pulled directly from your Experian credit file. Cozy doesn't have access to this information, so we can't change the questions or bypass this step for you. We know these questions can be challenging to answer, especially when you're asked to recall old addresses or closed credit cards. 

If the security questions and answer choices aren't related to you, it's okay to answer  "None of the above." While this can be confusing, "None of the above" can actually be the right answer! 

If you're still having trouble, you'll need to contact Experian to get a copy of your credit report to verify the information they have on file for you. 

Tip: The verification questions you see on Cozy are generated directly from your credit file. Keep a copy of your credit report on hand when the lockout is over in case you forget your details.

Getting an error after entering your personal info and no questions pop up?

Here are the possible reasons why: 

Do you have a freeze on your credit file?

If your credit report is frozen, this prevents Experian from accessing your credit file to verify that the personal information you enter for the security questions are correct. 

You'll need to:

1. Temporarily lift your Experian credit freeze:


2. If the lockout is over, wait at least one hour after you lift the credit freeze before attempting to verify your identity again on Cozy. 

Have you never opened a credit card or taken out a loan?

Currently, we use Experian to verify each customer's identity before they can purchase either type of screening report. That means that even if you don't need to purchase a credit report, you'll still need a credit file in order to run the background check.

Without a credit history, you won't be able to run your credit report or background check on Cozy. 

We recommend letting the landlord know you don't have a credit history, and seeing if they'll accept another way to prove your ability to pay rent (e.g. proof of income and savings).

Are you using your legal name and address that's most likely on your credit file? 

  • Enter your full legal name, including your middle name. If you recently changed your name, you can try your previous name if you think it might be what's on your credit file. 
  • Make sure to use the most recent address that's most likely associated with your credit report. You can also try using a former address if you think that might be the address the credit bureaus have on file for you. 
  • Verify you've enter your Social Security Number correctly. If you don't have a SSN, you won't be able to run or receive reports through Cozy. We don't support TIN or ITIN numbers.

Are you checking your credit report on other websites?

If you're checking your credit report on another website, this can can cause Experian to lock your account. That means that if you were making attempts to verify your identity under 2 different Cozy accounts, or under one Cozy account and one different service that also uses Experian, you'd hit that excessive use block. 

If this is the case, you'll need to wait 96 hours before you can attempt to verify your identity again on Cozy.

Send us an email and we can check if this is the case. 

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