Do I have to use my bank's login to add my checking account to Cozy?

(For renters)

There are two ways to add a checking account to Cozy. You can either securely link your checking account using your bank's online credentials (as in, whatever you use to log into your online account), or you can manually enter the routing and account numbers. 

To add a bank to your Cozy account manually

You'll want to select the Checking account option to make ACH transfers on the Add an account page, then click the "Use account and routing numbers" link:

Add an account page on Cozy with an arrow pointing to a link

The form will change and you'll be able to enter your routing and checking account numbers manually:

Manually adding a checking account to Cozy with spaces to enter a routing and account number

Note: If you're a renter, you'll need to verify your bank account before we're able to process payments from your account. If you add your account manually, we'll verify your account by sending you two small deposits. Once that step is complete, you can start making payments from your verified account. Learn more about account verification

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