Why do I have to verify my identity to view my renter's report?

(For Landlords)

As a recipient of a screening report through Cozy, you're required to verify your identity to view the reports that are shared with you.
This is a security measure put in place by our screening providers (Experian for credit reports and Checkr for background checks) to make sure that your applicant's sensitive information is only shared with a verified individual.
We don't store or save any of the information or data used to verify your identity — it's used for this verification process only. 
Once you successfully verify your identity, you'll be able to view your applicant's report.
You won't be able to verify your identity if you have a freeze on your Experian credit file. If you know you have a credit freeze with Experian, you'll need to unfreeze your credit file first, wait at least one hour, then attempt to verify your identity to view screening reports. You can unfreeze your credit file with Experian here.

Having trouble verifying your identity? See our tips for verifying your identity with Experian.

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