How do I delete a payment?

(For renters)

Not ready to pay and want to cancel a scheduled payment? Or did you schedule too many payments?

You can delete a payment anytime you'd like– as long as the payment is not processing!

The first thing you'll want to do is head to your Payments Page and click on the scheduled payment you'd like to remove.

To delete a one-time payment:

1. Click on the payment to expand it, and click Delete.

2. A pop up box will appear asking if you'd like to delete the payment. Click on Yes, delete payment.

Animated image of deleting a scheduled payment on the Transactions page

To delete an automatic payment:

1. Click on the payment to expand it, and click  Edit Auto Pay.

Animated image of turning off Auto Pay on the Transactions page

2. You'll be directed to your Auto Pay set up where you can  Turn off payments entirely, or change the Send payment on date. 

Note: Changing your Auto Pay date or turning off your Auto Pay will remove any upcoming payments that were previously scheduled to send.

Made a mistake and deleted an upcoming payment by accident? No problem- schedule a one-time payment anytime!

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