Cozy Screening FAQs

(For landlords)

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We're so glad you're considering Cozy to help you screen potential renters! Here, we'll answer some common questions about our screening tools. 

1. What screening options does Cozy offer? 

Cozy provides comprehensive background checks and credit reports. 

Background checks include national and country civil records search, an eviction search, and more. See a sample and learn more about what's included in a background check here

Credit reports are provided through Experian, and include your applicant's credit score, as well as a breakdown of their total monthly payments and total debt. See a sample credit report here

2. How do screening reports work in Cozy? 

Cozy screening reports are paid for by the applicant, and those cost $24.99 for one report or $39.99 for both a credit report and background check. Screening reports are free for landlords and property managers. 

You can request reports from your applicant through Cozy using their email. We'll email your applicant and ask them to enter their personal info and pay for the reports. It only takes them a few minutes.

Once your applicant's reports are ready, we'll email you to let you know. You'll be able to view reports in your Cozy account for 30 days. 

3. How long do reports take? 

Credit reports are available instantly after purchase and background checks are typically returned within two hours. We'll email you when a report is ready to view. We'll also send your applicant a copy as well. 

4. Do I need an onsite physical inspection or compliance review to use Cozy?  

No, you do not need a physical inspection or review to use Cozy or receive reports. Your applicant's sensitive personal information is safely stored in Cozy, so you aren't responsible for storing it yourself. You can learn more about how Cozy keeps your applicant's personal information secure here

5. Can I run and pay for my applicant's reports myself? 

No. Cozy is set up to use what's a called a "soft inquiry" that don't damage your applicant's credit score. This requires applicants to enter their details and pay for reports themselves. 

6. I'm screening a couple or group of renters. How do I screen them with Cozy? 

Screening reports are run on an individual, so if you have a group of renters applying together they'll each need to run their own reports. The $39.99 credit report and background check fee will provide reports for one person. If you need reports from each applicant, request reports from each of them at a separate email address, and they'll each need to purchase their own set of reports. 

7. How much does Cozy cost? 

Cozy screening is free for property managers and landlords. Screening reports are paid for by the applicant, and those cost $24.99 for one report or $39.99 for both a credit report and background check. Learn more about Cozy's pricing here

8. What other services does Cozy offer? 

In addition to screening, Cozy offers online applications, rent collection, maintenance requests, expense tracking, renters insurance, and listings. You can use all of Cozy's features, or just the ones you need. 

See how all of Cozy's services works in this 8-minute demo: 

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