How do I get set up to pay rent?

(For Renters)

If you received an invitation to join a rent collection and you're wondering where to start, you're in the right place! This guide will show you from start to finish how to:

  • Add a payment method
  • Schedule a security deposit
  • Set up your automatic payments with Auto Pay
  • Purchase Renters Insurance on Cozy

Here's how to get started:

1. Create a Cozy renter account.

  • Use the "Set up Payments" link in your invite email 
  • or create a Cozy account using the email your landlord invited you to Cozy with

2. From your Payments tab, click on "Set up Payments".

Tip: Make sure to create a Cozy account under the same email address where you received the invitation or else this page will be blank.

3. After reviewing the brief summary, click on "Get Started".

4. Next step is to add a payment method: you can add a card or connect your checking account using your online banking credentials.

Or if you'd like to link your checking account manually, click on "use your account and routing numbers".

Note: If you link your checking account using account and routing numbers, we'll need to verify your bank account before we start sending payments from that account.

5. Next, if your landlord has requested any Move-In Costs (like a security deposit or prorated rent), you can schedule those payments in this section.6. Set up a recurring payment plan by entering:

  • how much you'd like to be withdrawn automatically from your bank account every month
  • when you'd like to send your first payment
  • which account to send the payment from
  • and when you'd like your Auto Pay to stop

Tip: Keep in mind that card payments take 2-3 business days and ACH payments take about 5 business days to post to your landlord.

7. If your landlord requires Renters Insurance as part of the lease, you can either purchase a direct policy through our partners at Assurant or you can add your own policy details.

8. The last step is to review your information! If everything looks correct, click "Confirm and continue" and you'll see your scheduled payments in the In-Progress & Upcoming section on your Payments page.

Note: If you schedule a same-day payment, it can take a couple hours to update on your Payments page. Please be patient and try avoiding scheduling multiple payments!

What's next?

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