Why isn't my payment processing?

For renters

Not sure if you sent a payment? Here's how to check, and what to do if your payment's not processing like you expected. 

Start by going to your Payments for your rental. 

Check to make sure you've set up a payment

Look for a "Your Payment" line. If you don't see one, that means you haven't sent or scheduled your payment. Any scheduled payments will appear in the "Upcoming & In-Progress" section. 

Below is an example of a Payment and a Bill: 

Don't see a payment? Make a payment in just a few clicks and that should do it! 

You set up a payment, but haven't verified your bank account

See a payment with an orange warning triangle on it? That means you haven't finished the bank account verification process. Click on the payment line to expand it and see more details. Here's an example: 

You'll need to verify your bank account before your payment sends. Learn more about verifying your bank account

Your payment is scheduled for a later date

You may have accidentally scheduled your payment to send a later date. Double check your payment's send date. If your autopay is set to start next month, consider making a one-time payment to cover this month's rent. 

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