My old tenant moved out and now I need to set up a new renter. What do I do?

(For landlords)

Are you collecting rent with Cozy and your old renter is moving out and a new one is moving in?  

You'll want to create a brand new rent collection setup for your new renter. This will ensure the new renter can't see the payment history for the old renter, and will also keep everything separate and organized. 

Here's what to do: 

  • Go to your Payments page
  • Click Set Up Rent
  • Select the Property and Unit
  • For Lease Info, the start-date for the new setup will need to be on or after the end date for the existing setup. 
  • Continue setting up the rent request as normal! (Here are the step-by-step instructions for that.) 

Note: If the lease dates overlap or there isn't an end-date to your current setup, you'll get an error message. If this happens and your old renter has already made their last Cozy payment, End Payments for your old setup. You'll then be able to set up your new renter without trouble. 

And rest assured, you'll always have a record of the old renter's payments. The old setup will move to the "Ended" section of your Payments page, where it will be archived and out of the way of the existing rent collections. Learn more

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