How do I collect payments from roommates?

(For landlords)

Cozy works great for roommates or shared living spaces. In this article, you'll learn how to set up Cozy to best collect rent for your leasing setup. 

If you're renting to roommates on the same lease

If you have multiple people paying rent for the same space, you'll create a single rent collection setup and add all paying tenants to that one setup. You'll enter the total amount of rent for the lease. Each roommate will then claim their portion of the rent and schedule payments. 

Roommates can see who in the group has scheduled or sent a payment, so everyone stays informed. Only the payer's name and payment amount can be seen by roommates—no banking or private info is ever shared in Cozy.

If you're renting by-the-room

If you're renting by the room or have separate leases with each person, you'll want to set up each person with their own unit and rent setup. You'll use Cozy's multi-unit property option for this, which will allow you to create "units" for each person. You can name the units by room name or the person's name -- whatever's clearest to you. Then, you'll invite each person to pay through Cozy individually. 

Roommates won't be able to see each other's rent or payment amounts, making it a good option for room or desk rental scenarios. 

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