How do I collect last month's rent?

For landlords

Here, you'll learn how to set up Cozy to collect last month's rent in advance. 

When you invite your renter to pay rent through Cozy, you'll have the option to request a Security Deposit and any other Move-In Costs

Use the Move-In Costs field to add any bills your renter needs to pay up front. You'll be able to add a custom memo, so you can make it clear what you're requesting. Then, when your renter sets up their payments on Cozy, they'll have an opportunity to schedule a payment for the Move-in Costs.

If your renter is using the Auto pay option, they can select when to send their last automatic payment when they set up recurring payments. They'll want to make sure that they set their last payment date correctly to avoid scheduling an extra payment for their last month on the rent collection.

Note: You'll see this Move-In Cost step toward the end of the rent set up. You can read step-by-step instructions for collecting rent here

Already invited your renter to Cozy and missed the Move-In Cost step? Not a problem. Add a Bill to request the last month's rent. Learn how to add a Bill.

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