How do I resend an invite to my renter?

(For landlords)

If your renter hasn't accepted your invite to pay rent through Cozy yet, you can re-invite them from your Payments page. Here's how:

  • From your Payments page, click on the Tenants tab.
  • Click "Re-send Invite" link for the renter you'd like to invite again. This will provide you with a unique invite link that you can send to your renter in an email.

Alternately, your renters can also accept your invite by setting up a Cozy account. They'll just need to be sure to use the same email address that you used when you invited them. Once they've set up their account, they'll see the invitation to make payments to you when they login.

Note: If your renter has already created a Cozy account, you won't see the option to resend an invite. You'll need to remind them outside of Cozy.

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