How do I turn on automatic payments?

You can set up automatic monthly payments in Cozy, which means you never have to worry about forgetting to send your rent. 

Here's how to set up your automatic payments if you already have a Cozy account:

  1. Visit your Payments page
  2. Under Auto Pay, click Set Up Auto Pay

From there, you will need to enter a few pieces of information. 

  • Amount: The amount each monthly payment should be for.
  • Send payment on: The starting date (and day of the month) the payment should be processed on.
  • Sent from: Which account you’d like to use to pay.

Set a last payment date (optional): The date you’d like your final payment to be processed on. You can also edit this at any time.

Once you have everything filled out, click ‘Schedule Payment’, and you’ll see a confirmation that your payments are set up.

Tip: If you’re setting up payments for the current month, and the date you want to pay has passed, set the “Send payment on” date to the next month. Then, after you’ve set everything up, you can go back and make a manual payment for the current month.

Are you paying with Cozy for the first time? Here's a step-by-step guide for you

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