My renter's payment failed. What's next?

(For landlords)

A renter's payment may fail for several reasons. The card they’re using may be expired, they may have insufficient funds, or it might be their first payment through Cozy and their bank doesn’t recognize Cozy so the bank won't allow the charge.

When a renter's payment fails, Cozy won't automatically retry the payment. Instead, the renter will need to make a one-time payment in order to pay through Cozy. 

Here's how renters make a one-time payment

Important things to know about failed payments:

  • Cozy never automatically re-tries a failed payment, so renters must make a new one-time payment to cover the payment that failed.
  • Cozy does not charge any kind of NSF or failed payment fees. If your renter's payment fails, and they see an ‘NSF’ or ‘failed payment’ fee, they need to speak with their bank directly.
  • You can see the reason the payment failed by clicking the payment in your Payments page. Clicking the payment line will expand it and show more details. If no reason is shown, you can reach out to Support for more information. 
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