How do I contact my applicants?

For landlords

Your Inbox is the central location for messages exchanged between you and potential renters in Cozy. It's intended to make the process of applying to a property easier and more efficient for renters and landlords alike.

Renters will initiate a conversation with you directly from your Cozy listing. You can not start a message yourself – you'll only be able to reply.

You can review your conversations at any time by clicking “Inbox” on the side menu. Your most recent messages will be on the top of that page. Within each conversation, you'll see which unit the potential renter is referring to, as well as their name. When you receive a new message, you'll receive an email from Cozy letting you know.

Please keep in mind it’s important to follow fair housing laws when finding new renters, and do not share or request secure information through Cozy. Contact support directly at if you have issues with any messages.

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