How do I delete a bill?

(For landlords)

As a landlord on Cozy, you have the option of deleting a bill from the ledger.

To delete a bill from the ledger:

  1. Navigate to your "Transactions" page
  2. Click to expand the bill that you'd like to remove.
  3. Click "Delete"

Expanded bill line, with edit and delete buttons

Before you delete a scheduled bill, a confirmation pop-up will appear:

Delete scheduled bill pop-up window

Before you delete a completed bill, a confirmation pop-up will appear:

Delete completed bill confirmation pop-up

Note: Once you delete the bill, it will be removed automatically from the ledger but the action of removing the bill, not the amount, will be recorded in your Rental History.

If you’d like to change the bill details, such as the amount or the due date, click on “Edit” and enter the updates you’d like to make.

If you’d like to delete a recurring rental bill, you’ll need to wait until the bill comes due before clicking on “Edit” and “Delete this bill”.

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