How do I use maintenance requests as a Landlord?

(For landlords)
Maintenance Requests allow your tenants to report problems to you in an easy-to-track way. You can also update tenants on the status of a request, share requests with contractors or team members, and easily track expenses. 
When a tenant opens a Maintenance Request, you’ll be notified by email and can view the full request in your Cozy account. To view all requests, click "Maintenance" from your Cozy menu.

Create a Maintenance request in Cozy to send your renter a message, share a file, and track requests

After a request is created, both you and your tenant can leave comments on it. This allows you to ask and answer questions, or provide updates. When you or a tenant comment on a Maintenance Request, a notification email is sent to everyone involved.  
You have additional options for the request: 
Share request: You can share a request with a contractor or team member by clicking the “Share Request” link. This generates a link that you can share with others who need to view the Maintenance Request, even if they don't have a Cozy account.
Private Comment: If you want to leave a note for yourself that isn’t visible to tenants, you can do so by typing in your comment, checking the “Hide From Tenants” box, and then clicking “Add comment.”  
Create Expense:  To quickly create an expense with the Maintenance Requests details, you can click the "Create Expense" button. This lets you create a new expense, with some fields already filled out. 
When you’re ready to close the request, you can do so by clicking the “Close request” button. Closed requests can still be viewed from the Maintenance Requests page. 
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