Does Cozy offer Renters Insurance?

(For landlords)

If you're collecting rent through Cozy, your tenants have the option of purchasing a renters insurance policy directly through their Cozy account. 

You'll be able to specify whether insurance is required as part of  setting up a new rent collection on one of your properties.

You can check on whether your tenants have purchased or reported an insurance policy from your Tenants tab from a Payments page for one of your properties. If you've required insurance, you'll see one of three statuses:

Hasn't purchased or reported a policy:
noinsuranceHas reported a policy:
reportedpolicyHas purchased a policy through Cozy:

If tenants have "Verified insurance", that means they've purchased a Cozy Renters Insurance policy. Default policies provide $15,000 in personal property and $100,000 in liability coverage. The specifics of each policy vary by location, property type, and an individual's personal claim history, so you'll need to reference a specific quote or policy for more detailed policy information.

For more information about coverage you can visit  Assurant's website.

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