How does Cozy Renters Insurance work?

(For renters)

If you're paying your rent through Cozy, you can also purchase Renters Insurance, or record proof of existing insurance to share with your landlord. 

To get a quote and purchase a policy:

1. Go to your Payments page
2. Click on the "Renters Insurance" tab
3. Click "Get renters insurance" to purchase Renters Insurance through Cozy, or click "Add an existing policy" if you already have insurance

By default, policies provide $15,000 in personal property and $100,000 in liability coverage. The specifics of each policy vary by location, property type, and your personal claim history, so you'll need to reference a specific quote or policy for exact policy information. 

For more information about coverage you can visit Assurant's website, or if you need help with an existing Assurant policy, you can reach out to them directly via your Renters Insurance tab in Cozy.

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