How do I add my bank account to Cozy?

(For renters)
You can add a checking account for ACH transfers in two ways: using your online login (only available for some financial institutions), or manually by typing in your bank account and routing number.

How to add a new checking account with your online login

1. Click the Add Account button from your Banks & Cards page
2. Select "Checking account"
3. Search for your bank in the search field, and select it (if it isn't, proceed to the "add a checking account manually" section below)
4. Enter the username and password you use to access online banking for that bank account

How to add a checking account manually

1. Click the "Add Account" button from your Banks & Cards page
2. Select "Checking account"
3. Click the "use your account and routing numbers" link in bolded text
4. Fill in your checking account and routing number, and click "Add Checking Account"
5. Wait 1-3 business days for small verification deposits to post to your account
6. Follow this guide for verifying your account: How do I verify my bank account?

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