What payment emails does Cozy send to my tenant?

When you invite your tenants to pay rent through Cozy, we make sure to keep them in the loop about their rent payments. Here are the emails we'll send your tenants: 

Invite to pay through Cozy
When you add a tenant to make payments through Cozy, we'll send them an invite to set up payments:

Rent is due reminder
Five days before rent is due, we email tenants a reminder. If they've already scheduled a payment, we'll remind them that their payment will process. If they haven't scheduled a payment yet, we'll remind them to set up a payment:
rent is due soon
Changes to the rental setup
When you add a bill, credit, or offline payment to the Cozy ledger, or change the start or end date on the lease, we'll send your tenants an email that same day to let them know what's changed and what steps they'll need to take:

Payment is processing
As soon as we begin processing your tenant's payment, we'll send them an email with the payment details. 

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