What payment emails does Cozy send to my tenant?

(For landlords)

When you invite your renters to pay rent through Cozy, we make sure to keep them in the loop about their rent payments. 

Here are the standard payment emails we send renters: 

If you've set up automatic late fees, we'll also send your renter these emails if they still need to pay. 

If you add a Bill or Credit to Cozy, we'll send them an email to let them know:

Invitation to pay through Cozy

When you add a renter to make payments through Cozy, we'll send them an invite to set up payments.

invitation email to renters on the benefits of Cozy

Your rent is due soon. Let's set up your payments! 

Five days before rent is due, we email renters a reminder. If they haven't scheduled a payment yet, we'll remind them to set up a payment.

email reminder to set up payments for renters

Reminder: your rent payment is coming up 

If your tenants have Auto Pay set up, we'll send them an email reminder about their upcoming scheduled payment. They'll have the chance to make any changes to their payment before it starts processing.

automatic payment confirmation email

Your payment is on its way

Once your renter's payment starts processing, we'll send them an email with the payment details. 

payment confirmation email sent to renters

Rent is due today. Avoid a late fee.

If you've set up automatic late fees, we'll send your renter a reminder email the day rent is due. 

Reminder email to pay rent to avoid a late fee

A late fee has been added

If you've set up automatic late fees, we'll send your renter an email letting them know a late fee was added. 

Late fee notification email to renters, with fee and total balanced shown

Your landlord made changes to your rental 

When you add a Bill or Credit to the ledger, or change the start or end date on the lease, we'll send your renter an email that same day to let them know what's changed and what steps they'll need to take. 

Email sent to renters when lease dates or recurring payment amount is changed

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