Can I build my credit history with Cozy?

(For renters)

Cozy has collaborated with Experian RentBureau to help renters build their credit history just by paying their rent!

If you choose to use Rent Reporting, we’ll send your Cozy rent payment history (including past Cozy payments) to Experian RentBureau, and they’ll be added as a new tradeline on your Experian credit report. That tradeline may be factored into your credit score.

How to get started:

You can turn on Rent Reporting from your Settings menu. To access this menu: log into Cozy, click your name at the top right of your screen, and click "Settings". You can then click "Rent Reporting" to be directed to the page to enable this feature, which is shown on the screenshot below:

Rent reporting that has been enabled on the Rent Reporting page

You'll just need to enter your legal name and date of birth and confirm your rental unit details to get started.

What it'll look like:

Once you turn Rent Reporting on, here's what the tradeline will look like on your credit report in Cozy (Edc is short for Experian Data Corporation):

How a Rent Reporting tradeline appears on an Experian credit file

Tip: Your tradeline will always show a balance that is equal to your monthly rent payment.

How do I turn off/remove Rent Reporting?

You can stop reporting your rent at any time by toggling the "On" button to "Off". If you turn off Rent Reporting before the end date on your lease, the Cozy tradeline may be deleted from your Experian credit report. 

If you skip paying through Cozy for a month, your report will show "No Activity" for that month. That means if you want to pay outside of Cozy for a month — that's okay. It wouldn't be treated as a late payment on your credit report. 

Credit history built through Cozy and Experian RentBureau shows up on Experian credit reports. If you need to dispute the rental information reported on your credit report, please email You can also send us an email if you'd like to remove the Cozy tradeline from your Experian credit report for any reason.

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