How to screen renters with Cozy

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Cozy helps you find quality renters by screening them with detailed credit reports and background checks.

You can require screening reports as part of the application, or request reports directly. Either way, applicants pay for all screening reports, and those cost $24.99 for one report or $39.99 for both a credit report and background check.

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Note: Screening reports can only be run on one individual, so the $39.99 fee will only provide reports for one person. If you have multiple applicants applying as a group, they'll each need to purchase their own set of reports for $39.99 each.

Request screening reports as part of an online application

If you’d like to require screening reports with every application, check those boxes when you create your Cozy listing

Require screening reports from renters when they apply

Request screening reports directly, separately from an application

To request screening reports directly from potential tenants, you'll just need their name and email address.  

To request reports, visit the Screening section and click "Request Reports," or visit the form here:!/

Here, you'll choose your screening method and provide your applicant's name and email. 

Note: If you have multiple applicants that you need reports from, enter a separate email address for each person. Screening reports are run per individual, so you'll need to invite each person by email for them to run their own reports. 

We'll email the applicant to let them know you've requested a screening report, and once they share it with you, we'll let you know. 

Request just reports page, where you enter their name and email

What next?

Once the applicant has shared their screening reports with you, you'll need to verify your identity by providing personal details such as:

-Your full legal name

-Date of birth

-Your full SSN

We don't store or save any of the information or data used to verify your identity — it's used for this verification process only!

You won't be able to verify your identity if you have a freeze on your Experian credit file. If you know you have a credit freeze with Experian, you'll need to unfreeze your credit file first, wait at least one hour, then attempt to verify your identity to view screening reports. You can unfreeze your credit file with Experian here.

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View a sample credit report and learn about what’s included

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