How do I stop collecting payments?

(For landlords)

To stop collecting payments through Cozy:

  1. Go to your Payments page
  2. Select the Rent Collection setup you'd like to end
  3. Click the "Details" tab
  4. Click the red "End Payments" button

Once you've ended payment collection, we won't process any future payments and we'll notify your tenants that they can no longer make payments.

Any payments already in progress will continue processing and will be sent to your account once they clear your tenant's account.

All payment and tenant history will remain in your account for future reference.

Rent collections that haven’t started yet can also be terminated. If you end your future rent collection before it starts, it will no longer have a start or end date and will instead be indicated by the date it was cancelled.

If you ever see that a tenant has scheduled an upcoming partial payment or a payment for the wrong amount and you don't want it to process, you can end your payment collection. Ending payments in Cozy makes it so your tenant cannot send any new payments. You can always start collecting payments under the same setup by extending the end date at any time.

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