How do I change the lease dates on Cozy?

(For landlords)

You can extend your rent collection term in Cozy either by changing it to a month-to-month or setting a new end date. Here are the steps you'll take:

1. Go to the "Rental Details" tab of your rent collection setup.

2. Beside the "Lease Info" section, click "Edit."

3. Either switch your lease to a "Month-to-month" or else update your "End Date."

4. Click "Continue" and then "Confirm and Update."

Once you’ve made your changes, we’ll send your tenants an email to let them know. Then they’ll need to log into Cozy and set up their payments through the new term. You may want to check the Upcoming section of your lease to make sure they’ve completed this step (their upcoming payments will appear in green).

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