How do I bill my renter for things besides rent, like utilities or move-in fees?

For landlords

You can charge your renters using a bill. Bills let you request payments for things outside of your recurring rent requests, such as utilities and repairs.

Adding a bill will add a positive value to your balance in Cozy. Renters may pay them at any time — payments made by tenants will be reflected as a negative value toward your Current Balance.

How to add a bill

1. Navigate to your Transactions page on the unit where you're collecting rent.
2. Click Add a Bill
3. Fill in:

  • a memo 
  • the amount that's due 
  • The due date

4. Click Add Bill

 Once that's been added, we'll then email your renters with the details of the new bill.

Note: If you need to delete a bill from your ledger, you can find steps to do that here.
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