How does my tenant get set up to pay?

(For landlords)

How a tenant gets set up

Once you've set up rent collection and invited your renter to pay through Cozy, they'll need to take the following steps to get set up to pay:

1. Sign up for Cozy

Your renter can sign up for an account by clicking the signup link in the invite email we send them, or they can go directly to Cozy and sign up. They'll just need to be sure to use the same email address that you used when you invited them.

2. Add a payment account

Your renter will need to add a US-based checking account, credit card, or debit card before they can send payments through Cozy. If they add a credit or debit card, they'll be ready to pay right away. If they add a checking account by entering in their account and routing number, they'll need to verify the account before we can process their payments.

3. Set up payments

Once their payment account has been added, your renter will see the option to set up payments. From here they can:

  • Set up their payment of the move-in costs (or their portion, if they have roommates)
  • Set up autopay for their monthly rent (or their portion of the rent, if they have roommates)
  • Pick the day of the month they'd like to send their rent autopay each month

4. Verify their bank account 

If your renter is paying with a checking account, they need to verify it before they can make payments. To verify their bank account, your renter needs to check their bank for the exact amounts of the two small deposits from Cozy. Once they have these amounts, they'll log back into Cozy, visit their Payment Accounts page, and enter in the amounts. 

As long as those amounts match what we have on file, their bank account will be verified. Once this is complete, they're all set up!

How to monitor your tenant's progress

You can monitor each renter's progress from within the "Tenants" tab of your rent collection. From here, you can see whether your tenants are ready to pay or not, and why. You can also re-send their Cozy invite if they haven't signed up yet.

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