How does my renter get set up to pay?

(For landlords)

Renters can set up their payments in Cozy in just a few minutes from their computer or smartphone. You'll first need to invite them to pay with Cozy, and then we'll walk them through these steps: 

1. Create their Cozy Renter account

Your renter will get an email from Cozy with your invitation to pay. Renters can sign up for an account by clicking the sign up link in the invite email, or they can go directly to Cozy and sign up. They'll just need to be sure to use the same email address that you used when you invited them so we can link your accounts together for payments. 

2. Add their payment method

Renters will next add the checking account or card they want to pay with. They can pay with their US-based checking account, credit card, or debit card through Cozy.  

Checking account payments: Free for renters, free for landlords

  • Option 1: They can add their checking account by connecting their bank account to Cozy. (Ready to pay instantly)
  • Option 2: They can enter their account and routing numbers manually. (Ready to pay in 2-3 business days)

Note: If your renter entered in their account and routing numbers using Option 2, we'll need to verify they're the account holder before their payment sends. Learn more about how renters can verify their checking account.

Card payments: 2.75% fee for renters, free for landlords

3. Schedule their payments

Once they've added their payment account, your renter will schedule their payments. They can schedule automatic monthly payments, or just make manual one- time payments each month. 

When they get started on Cozy, they'll be presented with the options to: 

  • Set up Autopay for their monthly rent (or their portion of the rent, if they have roommates)
  • Pick the day of the month they'd like to send their automatic payment each month, and when their last automatic payment should send. 
  • Schedule any move-in costs, like the security deposit or any fees you've requested (or their portion, if they have roommates)

See how renters get setup with Cozy in this animation:

animation of how renters get set up to pay for the first time in Cozy

Common Questions

How can I tell if my renter is set up? See if your renter has set up Cozy from the Tenants tab of that unit's Payments page. Learn more about renter statuses here

How do I send my renter a reminder? You'll see the option to re-invite your renter from the Tenants tab. See the step-by-step instructions

What payment emails does Cozy send my renter? Cozy will keep your renter in the loop about their payments every step of the way. We'll send your renter a few emails depending on what you've set up in Rent Collection. See the emails we send renters.

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