Can I speed up payments with Express Payouts?

(For landlords)

In this article, you'll learn about payment processing times and how to speed up ACH payments with Cozy's Express Payouts feature. 

How long do Cozy payments take?

Free ACH bank-to-bank payment time:

If your renter pays with their checking account, Cozy's free processing time is  5 business days. This is because we use two ACH transactions to ensure your renter has funds available before beginning the deposit to you. 

Payment timing, showing 5 business day free timeline

ACH payment time with Express Payouts: 

If you need ACH payments to deposit faster, turn on Cozy’s Express Payouts to receive deposits in  3 business days. With Express Payouts, as soon your renter sends a payment, Cozy starts a deposit to you. Express Payouts costs landlords $2.99 per unit per month for an unlimited number of transactions. 

Payment timing chart, showing 3 business days

Card payment time:

If your renter pays with a credit, debit, or prepaid card, those payments take  2-3 business days to deposit to your account. Renters pay a 2.75% fee to pay with their card. It's free for landlords to receive card payments. 

Card payment timeline, showing 1 business day

How to speed up payments with Express Payouts

Visit the Paid Services section and choose Get Started under Express Payouts. (Or choose "Get paid faster" from your unit's Payments page.) 

Select which unit(s) you'd like to enable Express Payouts for. 

You'll be asked to add a credit or debit card to pay the $2.99 per unit per month fee. 

We’ll only bill you if your renter makes an eligible ACH payment that's processed at the Express Payouts speed. 

Note: Renters are only eligible for Express Payouts once they've made one successful payment in Cozy. This means your renter's first checking account payment will process at the standard 5 business day speed. Then, their future payments will process at the 3 day Express Payouts speed. 
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