How do I set up a multi-unit property?

For landlords

If you manage multiple units in a single property, you can set up a multifamily property in Cozy to keep all your units organized in one place.

To get started:

1. From your Properties page, click Create a New Property
2. Select Multiple Units as your property type
3. Set the property type
4. Enter in the address
5. Enter in the name of your first unit (Apartment #1, for example)
6. If you're adding additional units, click Add another unit for each unit you'd like to create (you can also go back and add more units at any time!)
7. Click Create Property

Once you've created your units, you can manage them all from the Units tab of your property:

Units tab of a property, showing Apartment 1 and Apartment 2.

If you already have multiple units of the same property set up in Cozy, you can easily move all of the units into a single property. Here's how:

1. From your Properties page, locate and click on the property you'd like to turn into a unit
2. Click  Edit Property
3. Click Move Unit and select the property that your unit is a part of
4. Give your unit a name (like "Master Suite") 
5. Click Move Unit to confirm

Do you need to delete a property? Learn how to delete a property.

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