What is my Listings Gallery?

(For landlords)

Your Listings Gallery lets you publicly share all of your active property listings in one convenient place. When you activate a rental listing, we automatically create a gallery page of all of your listings. This is a great way to show prospective tenants all the properties you have available.

To make sure your Listings Gallery is complete, you'll want to enter in your details into the "Contact Information" section. This way, potential applicants will know how to contact you. We only publicly display the details you enter in this form, so the more information you provide, the more we can share in your Gallery!

You can customize your gallery link by entering in a unique handle under "Custom Gallery URL." You can also provide your personal and company contact information, as well as link to an outside website.

You can also upload a headshot if you'd like, as well as a company logo. This'll allow you to brand your gallery.

Click "Share Gallery" towards the top of the page to get a link to your page, or click "View Gallery" to preview what others will see when they visit your page.

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