How do I advertise my rental?

(For landlords)

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Listings are a way for you to advertise your rental and collect applications. Cozy partners with and and when you create a listing in Cozy, we'll automatically create ads on those partner sites for free.

To set up a new listing:

1. Log into your Cozy account.

2. Select “Listings” which you can find on the left dashboard.

2. Click “Create a New Listing”.

From your listing, you’ll add or edit the following information:

Property: Here, you can select an existing property or else add a new one.
Basics: Set your property type, list the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the square footage of the space, and the monthly rent you’re charging. Also include a headline for your listing and a description about the rental.
Details: Set your pet policy and select the amenities in the unit (or list your own).
Lease: List a minimum lease term and move-in date, if you have one. Also set the security deposit.
Photos: Upload photos of your rental. We support .jpg, .png, or.gif image files.
Screening: Choose whether you’d like to require credit reports and/or background checks from your applicants. Screening report purchases are paid for by the applicants.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, you’ll see a page where you can preview and review your listing. Click “Accepting Applicants” to begin collecting applications.

You can syndicate your listing to our partners, and By selecting "Syndicate Listing," we'll send your listing to our partners' sites as well, where it'll be searchable by even more potential renters. 

Once your listing is active, we’ll give you a link that you can share with potential applicants.

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