How can applicants run their screening reports?

(For landlords)

If you need to request a credit report, background check, or both from a tenant applicant, you can simply send them a request through this form: 

We'll email the applicant to let them know you've requested a screening report, and once they share it with you, we'll let you know. 

If you're requesting reports from multiple applicants, each person will need to purchase their own screening reports. 

When an applicant shares either report with you, we'll ask you to verify your identity before you can view their report. This step is a security measure required by Experian. We'll ask you for your: 

  • Name
  • Current personal street address
  • Social Security number

Once you've supplied this information, you'll be asked a short series of more in-depth security questions that only someone with significant knowledge about your financial history will be able to answer. The questions are only used to verify your identity, and aren't stored or used for any other purpose. Your credit is not accessed or affected.

Once you successfully answer these questions, you'll be able to view the credit report. 

Screening reports expire after 30 days, but if you'd like to keep a copy for your own records you can print or save a credit report directly from your browser, and you can download the background check PDF directly and either print or save it.

Tenants can also include their screening reports as part of the application process, as shown here.

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