How do I pay multiple months' rent in advance?

(For renters)

You can pay multiple months' rent in advance using Cozy's one-time payment option. 

If you've set up Auto Pay, be sure to skip automatic payments for the months you'll be paying in advance. 

  • To do this, click Edit next to Auto Pay. 
  • Set your Send payment on date to when you'd like to start paying automatically through Cozy again. For example, if you're paying rent for May, June, and July, you'd set your Auto Pay to start in August. 

Then, schedule a one-time payment

  1. Set up a one-time payment for the rent you're paying in advance by clicking Make a payment.
  2. Enter a description of the payment, the amount you want to pay, the date that we should start processing the payment, and select your payment account. 

Animated image of scheduling a one-time payment on the Transactions page

Once your payment has been scheduled, it will appear under “Upcoming & In Progress” on your Payments page. When the payment starts sending we’ll notify you and your landlord by email. 

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