When will my landlord receive my payment?

(For renters)

Once your payment starts processing on Cozy, the status will change from "scheduled" to "in-progress" and you can see when your landlord will receive it!

First, go to your Payments tab then click and expand the payment line item. An "Estimated Arrival" date will appear:

Expanded line item of an in-progress payment where a tenant can check the estimated arrival date of their payment

How long do payments take?

  • ACH payments take around 5 business days to post to your landlord's bank.
  • Card payments take around 2-3 business days to post to your landlord's bank.

Tip: If the payment is taking too long to send, your payment may be processing over a weekend or on a holiday which aren't considered business days.

Why hasn't any money been taken out yet?

ACH processing can vary a bit between banks, but most customers see their payment debited from their checking account after 1 business day. 

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