Did I make a payment?

You can check on the status of any payment from your Payments page. First, visit your Payments page and then click "View Payments" on the lease you'd like to review.

You'll see one of the following statuses on each of your payments:

Upcoming: Your payment is due or scheduled in the future.
In progress: Your payment is currently being processed.

  • If you're paying via ACH bank transfer, it usually takes about 3 business days for a debit to clear, and another 2 business days to deposit to your landlord.
  • If you're paying via card, it should take about 2 business days for your payment to deposit to your landlord.

Completed: Your payment has been deposited to your landlord.
Failed: Your payment wasn't successful. In most cases, a payment fails due to insufficient funds in your bank account. 
Cancelled: This means your payment won't process. If you'd still like to pay this, you can set up a One-Time Payment to your landlord.

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