How do I make a one-time payment?

You can make a one-time payment to your landlord at any time. One-time payments are great for things like utility bills or late fees, or if you need to  apply a credit to a payment.

To set a one-time payment up:

  1. Navigate to your Payments page
  2. Click "Make a payment"
  3. Enter:
    • what the payment is for
    • the amount you're paying
    • the date we should start processing your payment
    • the account you'd like to pay out of 
  4. Click "Schedule Payment"

Once your payment has been scheduled, it will appear under “Upcoming” on your Payments page. Same-day payments will normally appear in the "Upcoming" section for about 1-2 hours before they start processing. When the payment starts, we’ll notify you and your landlord by email, and the payment will then appear under "In-Progress."

In progress and completed payments are reflected in the "Due Today" balance on your ledger.

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