How do I pay multiple months' rent in advance?

There are two steps you'll want to take to pay a few months' rent in advance.

First, you'll want to be sure you skip any automatic payments for those months you'll be paying in advance. To skip one or more payments through Cozy, you'll want to start by clicking "Edit Auto Pay Details" from your payments page:

From here, you can set your "Next Automatic Payment On" date to any date in the future. Just set your next payment date to whenever you'd like to start paying monthly through Cozy again. 

Second, you'll want to set up a One-Time Payment for the rent you're paying in advance. Just click "Make One-Time Payment" to get started.

From here, enter a description of the payment, the amount you want to pay, and the date that we should start processing the payment, and then select your payment account. 

Once your payment has been scheduled, it will appear under “Upcoming” on your Payments page. When the payment starts, we’ll notify you and your landlord by email, and the payment will then appear under the "In-Progress" section of your payments page.

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